Process and Timing

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Nominations Open

Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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Nominations Close

Friday, 30 August 2024


Unless otherwise notified by our awards team, no extensions will be granted past the deadline and the entry portal will no longer accept new entries or changes to existing entries past the deadline.

Shortlist announced

Wednesday, 11 September 2024

You will be advised on or prior to Wednesday, 11 September 2024 if your application(s) has been shortlisted for judging.

Once nominations have closed, the awards team will review your application for eligibility and readability.

Your entry will not be shortlisted for judging if you have not answered each question, noting that all information (including financial information) is required for our judges to properly assess your application. We receive hundreds of applications each year, and only applications that have provided all information and answered each question in full will be approved and shortlisted for judging. Simply referring the judge to your website or other external information is not a sufficient response to the question, and your entry may not be approved for judging if you have not attempted to answer the questions fully.

We may make limited changes to your application in the following areas:

  • Category | You may be eligible for multiple categories and, to increase your chances of winning and award, we may copy or move your nomination into one or more eligible categories. You will receive an email confirming your entry into each additional category. If you do not want your nomination to be entered or moved into a new category, please let us know and we can remove the additional entry from judging.
  • Entry Name | For uniformity, we will rename all nominations to the required format (being “Company Name (or Individual) – Category name”.
  • CAGR | We will double check calculations based on the provided revenue figures and may correct any incorrect calculations.

We will not make any other changes to your submission without your express consent. You may receive a call from our awards team to confirm that other details of your submission are correct.

Judging commences

Wednesday, 11 September 2024

You can see a list of our judges here.

The judging process is time consuming (and often very difficult!) and we are grateful to our panel of judges for contributing their time and expertise to the judging of these awards.

Each judge is assigned to a panel of 4, based on their interests and expertise. Each panel is made up of a diverse set of judges with different perspectives and experience within their roles and industries. Each panel may be assigned to review and judge 1-4 categories of applications, depending on the number of eligible entries in each category.

Prior to reviewing any assigned entries, each judge must:

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevents the use or disclosure of any information contained in an application; and
  • Inform the awards team of any potential conflicts of interest in the list of upon receiving the list of their assigned entries.

Each judge will only have access to the entries that are assigned to their panel, and will not be assigned to judge an entry or category where a conflict of interest is identified.

Personal information including contact details is restricted and not accessible by the judge, and a judge is not permitted to contact you about your entry. A judge is permitted (but not required to) undertake additional research into a company or entrepreneur, using publicly available information.

Up to 4 judges will individually review each application to determine whether the company has successfully answered the relevant questions to demonstrate that they are a suitable applicant in that category. Points are not assigned to specific questions or parts of the application – the entry will be reviewed and judged as a whole and ranked according to its merits.

If you have any concerns about this process, or if you have identified a potential conflict of interest between your company and any of our judges, please email us at


Judging concludes

Tuesday, 10 September 2024

Once each judge has completed their individual judging, they will meet with their panel to exchange notes and discuss their proposed finalists and winners. With differing experience and backgrounds, this is a useful step to ensure that each judge has considered all relevant information when reviewing and judging an application.

Once all panels have met and decided on their proposed finalists and winners, a representative of each panel will meet and present their proposed finalists and winners to the broader group of judges. Any comments or objections are noted and considered, and the representatives will jointly determine the list of finalists.

The representatives will also vote on the finalists and winner of the overall Growth Company of the Year Award.

On completion of judging, all judges are required to securely dispose of all electronic and paper copies of an entry and will no longer have access to applications via the award force portal.

The judges’ decision is final and there is no requirement for the judges to enter into any discussion in regards to the merits of individual entries.

Finalists announced

Wednesday, 11 September 2024

A list of finalists for each category will be announced via email and social media on Wednesday, 11 September 2024. Subscribe here to be the first to receive the announcement!

Each finalist will be individually notified via their provided email, and all attempts will be made to ensure that they are aware of their success and will be attending the awards ceremony on Thursday, 10 October 2024.

Each finalist will be offered a free ticket to the Startup to Scaleup Summit (S2S Summit) or, if they have already registered for a ticket, will be offered a refund or an additional ticket.


Awards Ceremony

Thursday, 10 October 2024

MCA in Sydney (Foundation Hall on the Ground Floor)

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Finalists for Technology Scale-up Awards Pitch Competition may receive additional email correspondence with respect to process and timing.

After a full day of keynote speeches, panels and workshops together with an investor lounge and demo exhibits, the Pitch Competition will kick off at 4:00PM, and 10 lucky finalists will pitch their platform, product or service to a room full of Australia’s leading innovators, industry experts and investors.

While the Technology Scale-up Awards are presented and awarded to the winners of each category, the judges will deliberate and determine the winner of the 2024 Technology Scale-up Awards Pitch Competition.

You can see a list of judges for the Pitch Competition here.

The winners of the Technology Scale-up of the Year Pitch Competition will be announced at the end of the awards ceremony.

Winners Announced

Friday, 11 October 2024

Winners will also be announced via email, social media and industry publications.

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After the awards program has concluded, applicants will receive some feedback on their application including key features of the company, entrepreneur or application that the judges made particular note of.

If you would like to receive more constructive feedback on your application, you are welcome to email the awards team at In the event that you have not provided enough information for your application to be properly assessed, there may not be more feedback to provide.


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